Popular Coffee Menu You Should Have in Your Coffee House
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Popular Coffee Menu You Should Have in Your Coffee House

Popular Coffee Menu You Should Have in Your Coffee House

Popular Coffee Menu You Should Have in Your Coffee House. It can be said that drinking coffee is a part of today’s modern lifestyle. Some people even should start their days with a cup of their favorite coffee. So, it is not surprising that coffee shops or coffee houses are always popular and promising business. If you are running a coffee house, make sure you include these popular coffee menus to maintain your business’ popularity.

Brown Sugar Coffee

Brown sugar coffee is suitable for customers who prefer sweet coffee instead of bitter coffee. As you can guess from the name, this coffee menu combines bitter coffee and sweet brown sugar so that it creates ideal sweetness. You can also add rum if you want it to have the typical scent of rum. The texture of brown sugar coffee is creamy, making it a favorite for those who love light coffee instead of the strong ones. If your customers find it too light, you can suggest them to have a double shot of espresso.

Avocado Coffee

The next is avocado coffee. Ice milk coffee combined with avocados has been a trend recently. Avocado coffee is made by combining and blending espresso with avocados. You can also add toppings, such as a scoop of chocolate ice cream. If you want to add some textures, you can opt for adding sprinkles at the bottom of the coffee cup for a crunchy texture. Avocado coffee has a creamy texture due to the use of avocados.

Taro Coffee

Besides avocado coffee, taro coffee is also today’s popular coffee menu. Almost all coffee shops offer this coffee. Taro coffee is the combination of one shot of espresso, fresh milk, and a little bit of taro. It has a unique taste. Since it only uses one shot of espresso, Taro Coffee is light, suitable for those who do not really like strong coffee. The taste of taro balances the sweetness from sugar so that Taro Coffee is not really sweet. Instead, it tends to be creamy.

Caramel Cookie Corn Coffee

Caramel Cookie Corn Coffee is really sweet because it combines coffee, corn syrup, and caramel. So, you can imagine how sweet this coffee is. Caramel popcorn is added on top of the coffee as a topping, making it even sweeter and looks unique. Moreover, the caramel popcorn also adds a crunchy texture. Interested to have a taste of this coffee?

Sea Salt Coffee

The next popular coffee is sea salt coffee. Sea salt coffee has a unique taste from the saltiness of sea salt. This coffee menu combines black coffee or espresso, coconut sugar, sea salt or Kosher salt, and whip cream. Sea salt coffee has a super creamy texture on top of it because of the whisked whip cream and sea salt. This coffee menu can be served either hot or cold.

Those are today’s popular coffee menus that you better include in your coffee shop menu. There are still other menus that you can have, such as red velvet latte, green tea latte, and boba coffee.