Legends about Coffee

Legends about Coffee Origin

Legends about Coffee

Legends about Coffee Origin, i like coffee, and a lot of people in the world love coffee. I usually drink a cup of coffee when I’m in a stressful night. It is a perfect combination if you want to do some night late work. I usually drink one if I play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege with my friends in the middle of the night. Well, I also recorded the gameplay for my channel, but it doesn’t work well. Well, everyone loves coffee, and also about myths and legends. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about legends about coffee’s origin.

The Shepherd and His Goats

Well, according to some history and literature works, coffee was founded in Abyssinia. Abyssinia is an Ethiopia’s Empire that has existed since the 1270 ages, and the empire was fallen in 1974 through coup d’etat. Well, here is the legend.

A long time ago, in Ethiopia, there was a shepherd named Kaldi. One day, Kaldi founded out that his goats became hyperactive all out of sudden. They jumped over there and over that wildly. Of course, Kaldi became curious. He tried to investigate the reason and the cause of why his goats were acting too hyperactive. And finally, he found out that some kind of a berry in red color from a tree he didn’t recognize. Because of his curiosity, he tried to taste the berry, and he acted just like his goats, with high spirits and hyperactive.

Later, Kaldi told this to a nun, and she got interested in Kaldi’s story, and she tried to taste the berry as well. As a result, she felt that she got some extra energy, and she could stay up late without feeling sleepy to pray.

The taste of this berry is bitter, so because of that, the other nuns tried to process the berry. They started from roasting and brewing it into a drink, which is the easiest way to consume something bitter. Since then, coffee has been known as a drink that is capable of giving you extra energy and relieving the feeling of sleepiness.

Ali bin Omar Al Sadlihi 

This legend of this coffee’s origin is not from Ethiopia but in the city of Mocha, Yemen.¬† There was a physician (traditional healer/doctor) named Ali bin Omar Al Sadlihi. He was known as a great physician that was able to cure diseases by combining medical actions with prayer. However, the local ruler didn’t like him. So, there was a rumor spread among the society that Ali bin Omar allied with the devil to cure his patients.

Because of that rumor, Ali bin Omar exiled from the city. He settled during his travel in a cave. Ali became hungry, and he found a red berry. Of course, he tasted it, and he tried to process it into a drink because of the bitter taste.

From the coffee’s origin from Yemen, Ali bin Omar was successfully becoming famous because of his coffee’s brewing. This phenomenon reached the ruler of the city’s ears, and he was summoned to live in the city of Mocha again.